A new era for Axolittles has arrived
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Axolittles are an all-access pass to an amazing ecosystem. We are creating virtual worlds and a digital community that you will want to join. Our project’s impact doesn’t end in the Metaverse. A portion of the mint proceeds were donated to a charity that assists in water cleanup around the world.

Join us and make your mark, vote with us on major decisions, unlock exclusive items in our upcoming web games, and more importantly, become a part of our charming community.

What's an Axolittle?

Voted Cutest NFT by 100% of the team's mothers… Meet the Axolittles, one of the first animated NFT projects and inspired by the most adorable animal: The Axolotl. We hope that you enjoy these digital animals as much as we enjoyed creating them. They’re adorable, animated, and the perfect profile picture. Each of these 10,000 Axolittles are generated pieces of art with over 160 traits, meaning each individual Axolittle is totally unique.

While our community is huge, we want to grow it even bigger. We are looking for potential homes for these digital critters, today!

Axolittle #804
AXO 0804
Axolittle #859
AXO 0859
Axolittle #1410
AXO 1410
Axolittle #1773
AXO 1773
Axolittle #2055
AXO 2055
Axolittle #2562
AXO 2562
Axolittle #2787
AXO 2787
Axolittle #4417
AXO 4417
Axolittle #4437
AXO 4437
Axolittle #5264
AXO 5264
Axolittle #6358
AXO 6358
Axolittle #6483
AXO 6483
Axolittle #7178
AXO 7178
Axolittle #8354
AXO 8354
Axolittle #8517
AXO 8517
Axolittle #8601
AXO 8601
Axolittle #8616
AXO 8616
Axolittle #8658
AXO 8658
Axolittle #8686
AXO 8686
Axolittle #8982
AXO 8982

Axolittles Roadmap V2


Where can I buy an Axolittle?

Axolittles can be found on Ethereum at OpenSea and on Arbitrum at Trove. If you prefer alternative marketplaces, we have an up-to-date list on our Discord.

Are all 10,000 Axolittles really animated?

Yes! Every single Axolittle is fully animated. We used After Effects and custom code to achieve that result.

What do you call your Axolittle?

A lot of the original community calls their “Axolittle” an “Axo” - it’s just shorthand for the amazing digital buddy they adopted.

Where do we go to interact with the community?

Most of our events, giveaways, and communication happens through our Discord, feel free to join, even if you haven’t bought an Axo yet.

What is the smart contract address?

This is a great question to ask about ANY NFT project. View our contract on Etherscan. If the smart contract doesn’t satisfy you, we currently have over 3,000 ETH traded on OpenSea and are an officially verified project. Never buy an Axo unless you see the blue check!

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer. Owner of wagmi.eth. Here to live and breathe the phrase into being.
Chief Operating Officer. Professional problem solver and manager who designs, free-dives and plays video games.
Chief Financial Officer. Head of Strategic Finance at a FAAMG company. Worked as a Private Equity Investor and Investment Banker before that.
Chief Technology Officer. Working hard to keep the lights on. Self-proclaimed cutest Axo. I'm just happy to be here.
Head of Business Development. Former Sales/Dist at Anheuser Busch. Full time Web3 building since I met n8. Enjoying the views.
Chief Marketing Officer. Marketing and public relations magician who spends a little too much time online for his own good. Bad at math.
Chief Discord Officer. Focused on protecting the Discord and making sure everyone has a good vibes! My cat's name is Jelly Bean.
Axo Mom. Believer in all things Axo.
Artist. Feet on the ground, head in the clouds, doodling in the margins.
Lead Web Developer. Built investor and founder products at AngelList.
Solidity Developer. Fan of all cute NFTs.
Backend Developer. ML developer by day, NFT collector and NFTWorld ruler by night. Never has enough data.
Collab Manager. Collab manager and full time NFT fanatic. Degen level over 9000/10.
Sound Designer. Music magician. Gave a TEDx talk in 2020 titled “deadly birthmark.”
Community Manager. Exploring what the world has to offer.
Mod. True gamer. Ended up in Crypto and NFTs.
Community Moderator. Art lover. Spends way too much time online.